Global Partners

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking reaches the four corners of the globe with its Knowledge Tools, services, and digital capabilities. In select geographies outside of the United States, The Center collaborates closely with local partners to deploy its capabilities for the benefit of specific countries or regions. 


The Center is building a comprehensive strategy to offer its Knowledge Tools to universities and business, government, and NGO leaders throughout Brazil as part of a comprehensive strategy.

wide korea

The Center's content has been distributed throughout Korea--Howard's Gift was a best-selling book in the country--and is exploring ways to expand its work through the deployment of online learning.

wide taiwan

The Center is engaged in expanding its presence in Taiwan through the pursuit of expanded production of cases, Knowledge Booklets, digital products, and personalized online learning.

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The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking partners with select individuals, organizations, and governments to bring its suite of capabilities to societies worldwide.