“If you want to know anything about entrepreneurship, you must go see Howard Stevenson.”

Harvard Business School Dean Nitan Nhoria

Howard H. Stevenson


A scholar of the first rank who published 200 cases, books and articles during a 40-year career at Harvard University.

A beloved teacher of entrepreneurship who inspired over 40,000 Harvard MBA, doctoral, and professional students. 

A philanthropist who raised over $1 billion for charitable causes. 

He is Howard H. Stevenson, and he has lived a remarkable life. 

The first generation in his family to attend college, Howard earned his bachelor’s at Stanford and his MBA and Doctorate at Harvard. He was both a teacher and a doer: cofounding a $30 billion money management firm, serving as Chairman of HBS Publishing, Chairman of National Public Radio, Dean of External Relations for HBS, and Vice Provost for Harvard University. 

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A serial entrepreneur, corporate executive, and academic and non-profit leader. A strategist. The author of Howard’s Gift. A graduate of Cornell and Harvard. 


A communications professional and entrepreneur. A highly-sought after writer, strategic planner, and advisor. The co-author of Howard’s Gift.

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A passionate leader with expertise in different cultures, countries, and organizations. A global citizen with Brazilian roots. A former consultant to HBS in San Paulo.