The Center for

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking is anchored in the philosophy of legendary Harvard University professor, Howard H. Stevenson.  Widely recognized as “the father of entrepreneurship”–the man who coined what Inc. Magazine called the ‘best definition of an entrepreneur ever”– Dr. Stevenson is credited with helping to create generations of entrepreneurial leaders in business, government, academia and the non-profit sectors. 

Dr. Stevenson’s definition of entrepreneurship–“the pursuit of opportunities beyond the resources one currently controls”–changed the concept of an entrepreneur from an individual who by definition started a company to a set of beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes that could be taught, learned, and applied to any field–and to life itself.  He has inspired men and women from all walks of life to “think entrepreneurially” for over 40 years during an extraordinary career at Harvard Business School

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking was founded to inspire and equip individuals, organizations, and societies with the skills, knowledge, and tools to think and behave entrepreneurially. It is led by a team that has worked with Dr. Stevenson for over 10 years. The Center’s Fellows, Executives in Residence & Contributors are comprised of academics and practitioners thinking entrepreneurially at the highest levels worldwide. 

"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources currently controlled."

With these 11 words, Howard Stevenson coined what has been described as "the best definition of an entrepreneur ever"--and forever changed how the world thought about the concept of entrepreneurship itself.