The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking spurs innovation, drives economic activity, and creates jobs by curating, creating, & disseminating world-class content anchored in ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking.’



Based in Cambridge, MA steps from historic Harvard Square, The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking is a globally recognized resource for the broadly defined topic of entrepreneurship. 

Inspired by iconic Harvard professor Howard H. Stevenson’s historic definition of entrepreneurship–“the pursuit of opportunities beyond the resources currently controlled”–the Center provides content, instruction, and connectivity to advance the understanding and practice of entrepreneurship worldwide. The Center’s mission is to elevate quality of life by infusing Entrepreneurial Thinking around the world. 


Entrepreneurship drives innovation, creates jobs, transforms economies, and raises standards of living. The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking creates and provides a wide array of instructional and educational resources for individuals, organizations and countries worldwide. 

The Center’s Knowledge Tools — which include books, cases, booklets, online courseware, webinars, and individualized seminars — can be utilized at universities to corporations, from students to senior executives. Training and advisory services are offered to organizations of all types that may benefit from tailored activity and resources provided by Executives in Residence and Experts at The Center. 

what people say

"I assigned your material as homework for my leading executives."
Former American Express CEO
Ken Chenault
"Howard Sevenson coined 'the best definition of an entrepreneur ever."
Inc. Magazine
"Your course at the Public Affairs Institute left attendees asking for more."
Public Affairs Institute President
Doug Pinkham

a global community of excellence

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking convenes, collaborates with, and produces thought leadership and educational material from select academics and practitioners from around the world. These individuals contribute to content creation, build curriculum, and teach in their respective areas of expertise. 


Leading educators, researchers, & practitioners.

Innovative minds, provocative insight, actionable lessons.

Scholars and practitioners from all fields--from business entrepreneur to those in the social sector--who design and deliver Knowledge Tools and provide services.


Extraordinary men & women of the highest caliber.

Partners "on the ground" in international markets that serve as advisors and who work to implement The Center's resources across the world.

Partners in countries around the world that bring The Center's Knowledge Tools and resources to individuals, organizations, & societies outside of the U.S.


Professor Howard Stevenson & The Center's Leadership Team.


Eric C. Sinoway

Merrill Meadow

Milena Matone

Inspired by iconic Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson, the team that leads The Center and its work with Experts and global partners.


The Center’s Knowledge Tools are a powerful suite of resources to educate, train, and equip individuals and organizations in Entrepreneurial Thinking. From online courseware to interactive case studies, the award-winning book Howard’s Gift to focused booklets about a single topic, Knowledge Tools are created by Howard H. Stevenson, The Center’s in-house leadership team, and invited scholars and practitioners from the Harvard community and around the world. 

Available in multiple languages and customizable for groups of users, Knowledge Tools are designed for use by a wide range of audiences, from college students to leaders at the highest levels in business, NGOs, and governments.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking provides strategic, advisory, and evaluation services to select organizations. These services range from organizational transformation to culture, fundraising plans to financial projections. 

The Center provides services by aligning one or more of its Experts–Fellows or Executives In Residence–whose specific capabilities and experience are aligned with an organization’s needs. 

Insight Now is the easiest way to stay connected with The Center. Published digitally and featuring content from Howard H. Stevenson, Center Experts, and invited contributors, Insight Now features perspectives on the most current events from the most thoughtful, provocative perspectives. 

Intended to provoke thought, Insight Now intentionally raises more questions than it answers: like Entrepreneurial Thinking itself, Insight Now purposely encourages the reader to think about how to pursue opportunities beyond the resources he or she currently controls.   

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking facilitates relationship building, mentoring, and collaboration among members of its community–Fellows, Executives in Residence, Contributors, students, and academic, non-profit, government, and business leaders of all ages and backgrounds, from the United States and around the world. 

As a leader in life-long learning, The Center is committed to providing opportunities for members of its community to learn from, educate, and build relationship with one another through mentorship, sharing ideas, and collaborating on business, investing, and other professional opportunities. 

Thought leadership

Thought leadership from The Center has been featured widely throughout the world. Eric Sinoway’s article, “No, You Can’t Have it All”, has become a Harvard Business Review classic that has been selected as a HBR’s “best of”  piece and reproduced frequently in topic-specific and highlight compilation. 

The Center’s work related to culture–unveiled in a provocative piece about “terminating organizational vampires”–is a widely used tool on identifying threats to successful culture in any organization.

“You’re Probably Not Very Good at Most Things” has become a self-and organizational assessment tool for determining the most likely path for career success.  

The Center’s work has been featured in media outlets globally, including The New York Times, CNN, Fortune, Inc., Business Insider, NPR, and other digital, audio, and broadcast outlets throughout the world.


"No, You Can't Have It All"

A piece widely followed in print, digital, and video 

Howard's Gift

Written by author Eric Sinoway with Merrill Meadow, Howard’s Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life’s Work, provides a framework for “business planning for your life’s work.” A book treasured by individuals and a tool utilized by organizational leaders–including at the highest levels of Amex, Home Shopping Network, & State Farm Insurance–Howard’s Gift features the wisdom and insight of legendary Harvard professor Howard Stevenson, entrepreneur & executive Eric Sinoway and a dozen extraordinary contributors, including Teach For America Founder Wendy Kopp, iconic N.Y. Giants star Carl Banks, & award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien.


Chairman & Inspiration

Professor Howard H. Stevenson is The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking’s Chairman and the inspiration behind it’s creation. 

Regarded as “the father of entrepreneurship”–Professor Stevenson coined what Inc. Magazine described as “the best definition of an entrepreneur ever”–Howard is an iconic Harvard Business School figure, a scholar of the first rate, a highly accomplished entrepreneur, a leading philanthropist, and a husband, father, and grandfather. 

The author of 200 books, cases, and articles during a 40-year career at Harvard Business School, Professor Stevenson is credited with helping to shape the concept of entrepreneurship itself and to teaching over 40,000 MBA, Doctoral, and Executive Education students. 

Howard is the founding President of Baupost, a $30 billion money management firm; the former Chairman of National Public Radio (NPR); the former Chairman of Harvard Business Publishing; and the former Vice Provost of Harvard University. 

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