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Life-long learning

The Center’s Knowledge Tools include educational content, training materials, case studies, online courses, and personalized products & services that enable lifelong learning for individuals of all ages.

Online Courseware

The world’s leading Entrepreneurial Thinkers & practitioners delivering best-in-class content in rigorous, engaging classes built to maximize the online learning environment. 

Cases & Booklets

Focused lessons on a wide variety of topics from the foundations of entrepreneurial thinking to building organizational culture to succeeding in unpredictable times. 

Howard's Gift

An award winning book that provides guidance & actionable lessons to create “a business plan for your life’s work.”



Public & invitation-only seminars with insight about how Entrepreneurial Thinking can be applied to the most current and pressing challenges of our times.


Provocative and Actionable, the Center for Entrepreneurial Briefs provide a forum for a wide perspective of opinions on current–and future–events.


A live forum customized for intimate gatherings of invitation-only participants at the highest levels of government, business, academia, & non-profits worldwide.