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Certain people seem to find the magic to succeed where others lost steam. For years this je ne sais quoi has been ascribed to “entrepreneurs” — those able to make things happen without significant personal wealth or the resources of massive organizations behind them.

But the truth is that being entrepreneurial isn’t a circumstance: It’s a state of mind. A way of acting and responding. For the first time, the Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking codifies these principles and behaviors into an actionable business discipline that can be observed, learned, taught and implemented by anyone looking to fulfill a vision of any scale.

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CET nurtures entrepreneurial culture and management practices to thrive in today’s world. We publish thought leadership content, create educational tools, provide strategic advisory services, offer a speaker’s bureau and otherwise assist individuals and organizations of all types and endeavors.

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“We all struggle to live at least 7 lives: The family self, the social self, the spiritual self, the physical self, the material self, the avocational self and the career self.“

— Howard Stevenson

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