It’s the Venetian | Palazzo, and it is the world’s largest five diamond hotel.

  • 7,100 guest rooms

  • A Canyon Ranch spa

  • 160 upscale boutiques

  • 200,000 feet gaming floor

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking co-founder Eric Sinoway & Senior Fellow Kirk Posmantur deployed Entrepreneurial Thinking to conceive, negotiate, and implement what was hailed as “the hospitality industry’s partnership of the decade.”

By striking an alliance with IHG – the world’s largest. Hotel company at the time – Sinoway and Posmantur drove transformative quantities of business to the Venetian | Palazzo from IHG’s 100 million customers, provided IHG with a landmark presence on the Las Vegas Strip, integrated the loyalty programs of each company, and created an unprecedented model of how two industry leaders could collaborate.

The result?
An iconic Alliance that created hundreds of millions of dollars of incremental revenue between two publicly traded companies.

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