Albert Pizzica

A former Naval Officer on a nuclear submarine to a consultant to businesses of all sizes, Pizzica has demonstrated unique ways to inject entrepreneurial thinking into the military, long-established companies, and startups in which he has invested and run.

Pizzica helped transform the way in which healthcare offices work in his role as the CEO of Pizzica Pediatrics, one of Pennsylvania’s most innovative healthcare systems serving children that he led for a decade.

In his work as an instructor of Villanova MBA’s for over a decade, Pizzica not only taught students, but helped bring theory to practice by launching many ventures in collaboration with graduates. He is the co-author of Financial Ratios for MBAs, a resource he published that entails entrepreneurial thinking and financial rigor specifically for MBA graduates.

Pizzica is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at Lykos Apollo, an innovative new model for private equity firms and an active investor in businesses of all types.