Eric Sinoway

Eric Sinoway cofounded the Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking with his former Harvard University professor and colleague, Howard H. Stevenson.

Eric Sinoway cofounded the Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking with his former Harvard University professor and colleague, Howard H. Stevenson. The inspiration for the Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking began with an independent study Sinoway undertook with Stevenson—the man that Forbes described as “Harvard’s Lion of Entrepreneurship” – almost 20 years ago. Since that time, Sinoway and Stevenson have collaborated to promote and structure actionable concepts and concrete steps to help leaders and organizations of all types and sizes—especially well-established ones—behave in a more agile, innovative, and effective manner utilizing nine tenants that they believe are key to Entrepreneurial Thinking.

Throughout his career as an executive, entrepreneur, consultant, and author working with some of the world’s most valuable brands, respected organizations, and influential leaders, Sinoway has—as Stevenson describes it—“epitomized Entrepreneurial Thinking by succeeding as ‘an entrepreneur’ in a wide breath of organizations that were both early stage and well established.”

Sinoway has deep expertise in conceiving and executing partnerships, implementing organizational strategy, and leading transformation initiatives. His accomplishments include conceiving and executing a historic $750 million alliance between two public companies as the President of a partnership consultancy (Axcess Worldwide), transforming a print magazine into a modern media company as its CEO (Worth),  raising $34 million dollars as one of Harvard’s most prolific fundraisers, leading alliance activity at a global digital media company (Mood), and transforming the partnership program from a cost to a profit center at a Fortune 100 Corporation (Cendant).

Described as “providing some of the best business strategy ever” by former Boston Red Sox COO Chuck Steedman, “helping me in ways you don’t even know” by WW (Weight Watchers) CEO Mindy Grossman, and “generating a brilliant new strategy” for the University by Harvard administrator Rena Fonseca, Sinoway has demonstrated the effectives of the nine tenants of Entrepreneurial Thinking to lead, innovate, and win in today’s complex and competitive environment.

Sinoway is the author of Howard’s Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life’s Work, which captures the genesis of Entrepreneurial Thinking and features lessons about business and life by Stevenson and a variety of guest contributors. His thought leadership has been featured in CNN, Inc., Fast Company, and Harvard Business Review. Sinoway is a highly regarded consultant, guest speaker, and instructor and was selected as a member of the Public Affairs Institute faculty—where previous instructors have included Madeleine Albright, Newt Gingrich, and Tom Ridge—to teach Entrepreneurial Thinking, partnership development, and innovation at the premier nonpartisan, nonpolitical association for public affairs professionals worldwide.