Senior Fellow

Holly Taylor Sargent

It is over 300 years old and the world’s best-known institution of higher education in the world. Its influence on the creation and dissemination of knowledge around the world is unrivaled. It educates undergraduates and graduate students from countless countries annually.

It is Harvard, and it one of the world’s most successful, tradition bound, and influential universities. An institution that excluded women for much of its early history and with a complicated relationship related to gender since, Sargent’s creativity, tenacity, and vision played an unrivaled role in positioned Harvard as a beacon for women during her decades of leadership there.

As the Senior Associate Dean for External Relations, Sargent conceived and founded the Women’s Leadership Board, which today is a collection of over a 100 of the world’s most powerful women. Sargent’s vision for the Women’s Leadership Board has fueled student engagement, convened women worldwide to engage with Harvard, and set the example for other universities that have emulated the model that she pioneered over 20 years ago.