Senior Fellow

Kirk Posmantur

Over decades, Posmantur has conceived and executed countless marketing strategies and growth plans with a focus on connectivity and relationship building that have generated over a billion dollars of value.

Posmantur’s leadership and vision of the groundbreaking agency Axcess Worldwide has led to some of the most iconic partnerships in history, including the N*Sync jingle for Chili’s baby back ribs, the NetJets Poker Tournament (often called “the greatest event in the world”), and countless others for many of the world’s most valuable brands.

Posmantur sits on the boards of 25MadisonForbes Travel GuideThe Captivate NetworkOnda Sparkling TequilaGreat American Plant Co. and Skylark.  He is an advisor to the Wilf family and the Asset Manager for Omni Viking Lakes.

Kirk is also a special advisor to the Chairman of Human Longevity Inc.

Posmantur began his career at the American Hotel & Motel Association and Cendant Corporation.