Merrill Meadow

From biology, business, or art, Meadow’s story is that of a communications professional with deep experience in academic, healthcare, corporate, and policy environments. His longstanding roles at Harvard University and the National Academy of Sciences entailed collaborating with scholars to generate support for transformative initiatives that launched new initiatives or fundamentally advanced critical work at the institutions.

Meadow writes books, articles, blogs, and speeches; develops fundraising proposals, case statements, and marketing material; translates scientific concepts into language accessible to general audiences; and crafts strategic communication & fundraising plans. He is the co-author with Eric Sinoway of Howard’s Gift: Uncommon Wisdom to Inspire Your Life’s Work.

Merrill helps people and organizations of all types and missions tell their stories in compelling, innovative, and highly desirable ways. He is an entrepreneur, who is in demand by many of the world’s leading scientists, academic institutions, and creative individuals.