Ray Fernandez

A marina not particularly well known operated by his family for generations on New Jersey’s largest lake. A passing of the business between generations from father to son, Ray Fernandez– who infused Entrepreneurial Thinking into a sleepy marina that is having an impact on the boating and leisure industries nationwide.

Nationwide Marina of the Year. A TripAdvisor Marina of Excellence. The first and only freshwater Clean Marina in the State of New Jersey. An innovative boating club. Boating instruction of the highest caliber. And the awards and innovations for Bridge Marina, run by Entrepreneurial Thinker Fernandez, go on and on.

The transformation of a traditional marina into a leading services business fueled by marketing tactics more common in Silicon Valley than in Northern New Jersey, Bridge Marina represents an industry’s transformation: asset light, annuity revenue streams, environmentally consciousness, and lead generation activities that seamlessly merge digital and experiential campaigns.

The one that is most well known?

A TikTok strategy where millions of viewers tune in for educational, entertaining, and engaging shorts unveiled daily—fueling unprecedented exposure and demand for what may be the most creative operation of its type in the country: New Jersey’s Bridge Marina.