Howard H. Stevenson

  • 200 books cases and articles authored.
  • Over 1,000 speeches given globally.
  • Almost 2 million viewers of a Youtube video
  • The 25,000 Harvard students taught
  • 19 years of teaching the YPO program
  • 20 years of teaching doctoral students

  • 31 billion AUM of Baupost, which he co-founded
  • $1 billion raised as a philanthropist
  • Former Chairman of National Public Radio
  • The former Chairman of HBS Publishing

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking cofounder and inspiration Howard H. Stevenson coined the definition of an entrepreneur and inspired the management of Entrepreneurial Thinking. His body of work focused on entrepreneurship is unrivaled globally.

Stevenson’s work not only set the foundation for a new management discipline – Entrepreneurial Thinking – but directly led to the explosion of entrepreneurship programs and activities at universities worldwide.

The result?
Entrepreneurship has been integrated into the core of curriculum at virtually every university in the world through Stevenson’s former students, curriculum, and intellectual leadership. What’s next? A similar adoption of the concept of Entrepreneurial Thinking as a management discipline.

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