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Do you know how to behave entrepreneurially?

We provide a playbook for leaders to implement Entrepreneurial Thinking in their organizations and products and services to facilitate its success.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking consists of an extraordinary collection of individuals who are highly accomplish entrepreneurial thinkers. From executives at the world’s largest corporations to nonprofit innovators, well-known individuals to those transforming organizations we’ve never heard of, our community is comprised of Senior Fellows and Contributors with real-world experience and success in driving transformation as entrepreneurial leaders. The Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking makes their expertise available to those aspiring to initiate change and drive innovation at specific organizations to thought leadership for the public at large.

Learn About Entrepreneurial Thinking
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What’s the Big Idea?

The Big Idea is that embracing the fact that Entrepreneurial Thinking
is a process and not an inherent individual character trait.

Here’s what’s new: Our premise is that Entrepreneurial Thinking entails a wholesale reconsideration of what defines “good management” to reflect the global challenges, hyper-competitive environment, and changing nature of work facing organizations today.

The specific nine tenets of Entrepreneurial Thinking build upon the definition of entrepreneurship itself Howard Stevenson first coined in 1983—”the pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources currently controlled”—that the time was considered revolutionary.

Stevenson’s construct changed the concept of an entrepreneur from a descriptive phrase of an individual who by definition started a business to a way of thinking about the world that could be adopted by any individual or organization – which was to chart behavior by beginning with the identification of opportunities and pursuing them, regardless of existing resource constraints.

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Entrepreneurial Thinking in Practice

  • Thought Leadership

    Blogs, podcasts, and videos by entrepreneurial thinkers with their perspectives on organizational and individual leadership. Agility? Innovation? Transformation? Change management? It’s all part of Entrepreneurial Thinking.

  • Products & Resources

    Ed-tech content. Certificate skills training. Micro courses. Bundled training with content from others. Branding and design services. Books, case studies, and curricula. These and other products and resources are available from individuals on our platform.

  • Advisory & Consultancy

    Partnership Development Services. Organizational strategy. Turnarounds and restructuring. Acquisitions and divestitures. Capital raises. These services are provided by those who have been there and done it, domestically and globally.

  • Speaking & Coaching

    Keynote speakers like the one who gave a Ted Talk viewed 100 million times. Individual peer-to-peer coaching at the highest level of organizations. Speaking and coaching by Center for Entrepreneurial Thinking experts that inspire, teach, and motivate others worldwide.


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